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In 1913, ten young girls, ranging in age from 10 to 12, started a social group that has evolved into the Twentieth Century Club.

Today that club is a service organization that consists of over 100 concerned adult volunteers working for a better future.


"Girls of 1913"


Bored with just belonging to a club having no purpose, the "Girls of 1913" decided to devote their time furnishing a baby ward for the newly constructed hospital. Their first attempt, a benefit garden party held at the home of Mary and Elizabeth Kibler, raised $60. Success brought continuation of the parties as well as an annual tag day to raise additional funds.


The original name of the Club was "Girls of 1913." Objections were raised that the club might last longer than one year so the organization became the Twentieth Century Club. The original members were: Helen Norpell, president; Elizabeth Kibler, secretary/treasurer; Mary Kibler; Laura Beggs; Dorothy Wilson; Hazel Bolville; Anna Haynes; Mildred Eade; Fulton Eade; and Mildred Simpson. Their efforts to help furnish and equip a new hospital has grown to sponsoring, organizing and maintaining Camp O'Bannon, a summer camp for selected children, and continued support for Licking Memorial Hospital.


In 1923, the club joined Phi Sigma Chi fraternity and Kiwanis Club to sponsor the Holly Ball, an annual Christmas dance. Their efforts were to raise funds for what was then known as the "health camp," a camp for children with tuberculosis contact. In 1937, a musical variety show was begun as a major money-making project. The production known as the Twentieth Century Flyer is still presented every two years. Held each fall, the annual Twentieth Century Bazaar was another fund-raising event of long standing.


Through the years, the Twentieth Century Club has aided campaigns for Community Chest, Red Cross, Christmas and Easter Seals, and the United Way. The club's support of the local hospital has taken several forms and has served the patients in each of its locations. It has furnished clothing for the hospital nursery,provided tours for expectant parents, and purchased and distributed books and magazines. Monetary support for the hospital has been an ongoing tradition.


In 1973 an after-school program serving eight Camp O'Bannon participants began. In 1976 a more primitive and challenging outpost camp was developed. In 1977, a 30-acre tract was purchased to expand that outpost camp.


In the mid-1970s the Twentieth Century Cookbook was published and sold throughout the United States. A new edition of the cookbook was recently published in 2003 and is currently on sale from any Club member.


The continuing focus on children led to the support of a Mental Health Association newsletter, ParenTalk, which promotes parenting skills


In 1983, the Club joined with the Moundbuilders Country Club to host an annual Pro-Am golf tournament for the exclusive benefit of Camp O'Bannon.

Enriching the lives of Licking County Children has been, and continues to be, the goal of the Twentieth Century Club.

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