2017 20th Century Club Officers and Committee Chairs




President                                          Cathy Ford

Vice-President                               Susan Martine

Recording Secretary                             Molly Frye

Corresponding Secretary                      Beth Powers

Treasurer                                       Molly Walker

Historian                                       Kaye Hartman


Rules and Regulations [RR]

Parliamentarian                             Judy Franklin

Sue Johnson, 1967                       Chris Neely, 1995

Marilyn Alspach, 1969                  Paddy Kutz, 1997

Mary Jo List, 1971                      Becky Kinder, 1999

Marjorie King, 1975                   June Nethers, 2001

Sally Howarth, 1977                  Doris Spriggs, 2003

Sandy Andrews, 1979                 Donna Stasel, 2005

Jane Gordon, 1981                       Debe Petrey, 2007

Judy Franklin, 1987              Marilyn Donahue, 2009

Judie Scrarett, 1989               Agnes Windholtz, 2013

      Gretchen Shay, 1993                  Vicki Pressey, 2015      



Committee Chairs

Budget[B] Chair                                 Cathy Ford

Camp O'Bannon [CC] Chair             Cindy McCracken

Computer Chair [COMP]                 Cathey Pangborn

      Co-Chair                              Teresa Whipkey

Concert for Camp [CFC]                          Kelli Diaz

      Co-Chair                                  Claudia Wing

Executive [E] Chair                             Cathy Ford

Executive Board Lay Member             Vicki Pressey

Executive Board Lay Member                 Sue Keller

Membership Development [MD] Chair    Kathy Rigoli

  Monies [M] Chair                               Jennie Hall  

Orientation [O] Chair                      Susan Martine

       Co-Chair                                 Kathy Rigoli

Pro-Am Chair [PA]                          Vicki Pressey

      Treasurer                       Danielle Cooperider

Publicity/PR [PPR] Chair          Danielle Cooperider

Social[S] Chair                           Robin Nikolovski

      Co-Chair                             Donna Masters

Sponsorship [SPR] Chair                   Vicki Pressey

      Co-Chair                                    Mary Reid

Ways and Means [WM] Chair            Borgany Bierly

       Co-Chair                         Danielle Cooperider